Best Multi & Super Speciality Hospital in Meerut

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Best Multi & Super Speciality Hospital in Meerut

Optima is a Latin word that means lucky, happy, and successful. So our name itself portrays a steadfast commitment to world-class standards of health care to make our patients the happiest, healthiest. Formed by a group of eminent doctors and healthcare professionals, Optima Hospital is well-equipped to provide high-quality personalized care for all your health and medical requirements. Our unparalleled dedication to serving you the very best makes us the Best Hospital in Meerut.

We strive to achieve a 100% success rate for all the services we provide i.e., from consultation, diagnostics, pharmacy, and indoor treatment including surgeries, and aftercare, to our patients. So if your search is On for the Best Hospital near you, then give it a stop by choosing Optima Hospital. By accomplishing every feat and every trust, we are proud to be a leading organization in India to focus on end-to-end Health-related solutions for its patients.


To strive for excellence to be the hospital of choice for patients, doctors & employees.
What we have achieved so far.

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Successfull Surgeries

Please feel free to call for an appointment or Emergency support. + 91 759-900-0180

Experts Doctors

Dr. Manila Jain

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Shaleen Sharma


Dr Shubham Dadoo


Dr Surabhi Dadoo

Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Dr Vipin Kumar


Dr Vikul Tyagi


Dr Astha Agarwal


Dr Shweta Garg


Dr Abhishek Singh


Dr Vishal Saxena

Surgeon & Oncologist

Dr Nidhi Chauturvedi


Dr Sandeep Garg

Optima Home Care
Optima Pharmacy
Optima Lab

What Our Patients Say About us

"Optima Multispeciality Hospital provided exceptional care during my recent emergency. The medical staff was attentive, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I am grateful for their prompt response and expert treatment."

- Rahul S

"The Laboratory Services at Optima Hospital are top-notch. I was impressed by the accuracy and efficiency of the test results. The staff members were courteous and professional, making my experience seamless and comfortable."

- Priya M

"I can't thank the ambulance service team at Optima Hospital enough for their quick response and efficient transport during my recent medical emergency. Their professionalism and compassion were truly commendable."

- Sameer K

"Optima Multispeciality Hospital exceeded my expectations. The Emergency & Trauma Care team provided me with swift and effective treatment when I needed it most. Their dedication to patient care is unmatched."

- Neha R

"I am extremely impressed with the Pharmacy Services at Optima Hospital. The pharmacists were incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to address all my concerns. It's reassuring to know that I can rely on their expertise for my medication needs."

- Ankit P

"I am grateful for the 24-hour Ambulance Service provided by Optima Hospital. Their prompt response and efficient transport saved precious time during my medical emergency. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need."

- Rajesh K

Some of the Key responsibilities that we take up include

A true believer in giving back to society as our utmost social responsibility. Not just earning Wealth, but touching Hearts & Lives is our Aim. Just this is the reason Why Optima Hospital is the Best Hospital in Meerut?

Free health Check-up camps monthly

Health Talks

Health Campaigns

Tie-up and association with various NGO for providing health care services

Optima Multi Specialist Hospital Blogs