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An otolaryngologist (pronounced “ot-o-lar-en-GA-le-jist”) is a healthcare provider that diagnoses and treats conditions affecting your head and neck. Otolaryngologists offer both nonsurgical and surgical treatments.

Otolaryngologists are specialists. First, they must complete their undergraduate education and apply for medical school. Following graduation from a licensed medical school, a doctor who wants to become an otolaryngologist must undergo five more years of residency training in their chosen field. Some otolaryngologists even choose to pursue further education in subspecialties like pediatric otolaryngology and reconstructive surgery. 

Otolaryngology is a medical specialty which is focused on the ears, nose, and throat. It is also called otolaryngology-head and neck surgery because specialists are trained in both medicine and surgery. An otolaryngologist is often called an ear, nose, and throat doctor, or an ENT for short.

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